What came from the dare

15 05 2008

You grew up in a day
and walked away,
from tongues
that lashed you
and eyes
that bore/d {into} you.

You said No!
But did Yes…
thinking it was okay,
and maybe niether,
but now i see
a decline
and your steps falter,
falling at a stranger’s feet.
Giving to a nobody,
what you should have shared
with somebody,
but its anybodys guess
where you are tonight.

Possible crumpled,
frumpled and twisted
in a lonely corner.
Its just another room
you shouldnt be in,
but choose
to roam there,
nose bleeding
heart seething.
The gifts has been pervert,
extorted and converted into…
into sad,
lost and failed.
Will you stand up for me again please?





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