my song

6 01 2009

my lady, my lovely
I write you a song
and it comes so easy
keyboard in my hand
fingers moving rhythmically
no need to look down or at the screen
my heart is emptying
and you are filling it
can you hear this
hear the words floating out of me,
finding their own wings
making the room spin
careful of the clich├ęs
oh my lovely
how you inspire greatness
and i wonder if you know it
and i type
fingers moving
this subtle song
without a chorus
can you feel this
eyes closed i dance with you
swaying to the flow
you in a dress
and me in a suit
like a chessboard in a truce
my heart adds a beat
your cheek is so close to mine
i feel your warmth
how happy can this song be
so happy
that is cant be real
so happy
that i know its a dream
so happy
happiness like this
never exists, for me.



The Light Between Us

1 09 2008

The Light Between Us
The Light between us
Touched, brushed
Turn around to look

And you have not even entered the room

The spark
Is held in my soul
And I feel your aura

You are a trail of mist
Leave your dew

Embrace me
Touch me
Before I expire in the sweet longing



20 06 2008

its fading
your smell..amongst the scents of a Taipei morning
the moment
i shouldve left the car
but the sun got caught in your hair
bright red
nothing else mattered
no tomorrow

morals faded
my face in your hands
for that moment i was yours
your voice broke my heart
as i found your hands
resembling mine
too much to bear
dont forget us
but dont hold on
butterflies cant
be framed and dried
so fly angel

headlong into wall

7 06 2008

power headlong into wall
fresh stitches where the wounds were grave
their fingernails tore through my skin and
into heart I cannot block the blows that fall
too busy brunching with the enemy power headlong
into wall new scars will liven up my soul
with holes just like an antique sieve where
love escapes into the air and patience
trickles as if I retain the peace of mind
that wont belong inside me once I turn and
walk away power headlong into wall a subtle
ending to this fall with complex twists
just like a song by Rodrigues or Elton John
which has been copied from my head and pasted
in a bank account to fill a void for someone
else a stranger who has bled me dry power
headlong into wall there is nobody else to
call my batteries have just run out and
no-one sells them anymore power headlong
into wall

the myth of jackie

1 06 2008

the myth of jackie
the green grass and fat trees and your sad drunk eye on me
how we pass in flashes
the burning snapshots in my backrooms
and the unbearably thick smoke
hiding my sluggish heart
how seductive they are those strings of smoke
like endless printouts reflected in my shifting eyes
tracing you as if i could really see you that way
in the backlit outlines of a passion
a longing
funerals & tragedy
my myth in full view within that bulky snap of the shutter
doors opening light in
your brilliant shape burning through my screens
and that safety lock around your finger with its golden ray like a power current
into the backbone of my fear
my mechanical close-down shining beautifully and just and closing
us right down into the backwater of my dreams of green green grass and fat
full trees
and your soft beauty inside-out with your faraway sadness which
i want to revive and mend
if only i could trust my eyes and hands
to be gentle and sure on you
and not melt away in the din
in this poem
my face looking at itself
its own breathtaking myth of truth & beauty exposed and projected onto
like a circular plot traced in its own ink
waiting for you to fill it conduct it
counter it

will you come
and who will you be?


tears for queers

25 05 2008

we cry for those who died of aids
try not to underpay our maids
lust after closeted movie stars
are seen in trendy friendly bars
but if it might harm our careers
we’ll gaily deny that we are queers

we’d like to see the streets drug-free
we’d like to buy better quality e
we think tolerance is what the world lacks
we gossip about everyone behind their backs
we join pride marches once a year
and daily deny that we are queer


dark of heartness

16 05 2008

dark of heartness
subtle subdued,
the glow-worm light-bulb
hovers above liquid night –
magic chemicals of painted light…

captured by secret-code
a non-paper promise,
rocking raving agitating
a latent imagining… a portrait of you.

the image darkens
slowly slowly – icily
your eyes
the miniscus of a moonlit ocean,
your feverish fingertips the fishes
the depths of a mid-tone

haunting hunting every hue,
you are a flying saucer,
a birthing, a blur of city seagulls, a
light lunar-scape

elusive, everywhere-nowhere
in this darkroom of my
heart, you linger lying;
your hair copper-wire-enmeshed
inspiring –

not a shadow-negative of

til i focus, and reach for the cold-green
of the flourescent.