17 10 2008

can i cry here, now, infront of you?
will it make my growth less?
will it take away from the strength i got yesterday.
im trying so hard to be a big girl,
but sometimes little girl moments
crawl in.

im drunk again
does it make my tears less important?
does it make my scars less jaggered?
will you actually believe me
if i say i tried,
and i will try harder?

there are things here
things that consume me
things that rip me off track
things that dont give a damn
of where im wishing to go.

this is breaking my heart!
does saying that
make me the weakling once again?
well, I am the last born
maybe only the rain knows im not
as solid as you.

do you see my make-up runing?
does it look cool? all gothic and *&^$#@?
sorry i dissapointed you again
with my flash display of emmotion.
i sometimes forget
that it’s just not done in polite company.

are you really my sister?
or did they just tell us that you are?