my song

6 01 2009

my lady, my lovely
I write you a song
and it comes so easy
keyboard in my hand
fingers moving rhythmically
no need to look down or at the screen
my heart is emptying
and you are filling it
can you hear this
hear the words floating out of me,
finding their own wings
making the room spin
careful of the clich├ęs
oh my lovely
how you inspire greatness
and i wonder if you know it
and i type
fingers moving
this subtle song
without a chorus
can you feel this
eyes closed i dance with you
swaying to the flow
you in a dress
and me in a suit
like a chessboard in a truce
my heart adds a beat
your cheek is so close to mine
i feel your warmth
how happy can this song be
so happy
that is cant be real
so happy
that i know its a dream
so happy
happiness like this
never exists, for me.



dark of heartness

16 05 2008

dark of heartness
subtle subdued,
the glow-worm light-bulb
hovers above liquid night –
magic chemicals of painted light…

captured by secret-code
a non-paper promise,
rocking raving agitating
a latent imagining… a portrait of you.

the image darkens
slowly slowly – icily
your eyes
the miniscus of a moonlit ocean,
your feverish fingertips the fishes
the depths of a mid-tone

haunting hunting every hue,
you are a flying saucer,
a birthing, a blur of city seagulls, a
light lunar-scape

elusive, everywhere-nowhere
in this darkroom of my
heart, you linger lying;
your hair copper-wire-enmeshed
inspiring –

not a shadow-negative of

til i focus, and reach for the cold-green
of the flourescent.


Pass the parcel

15 05 2008

Play a game of pass the parcel
My heart is wearing thin
Each time another layer removed
The next time fresh and new
Maybe this time will be the prize
Or this time
Or this time
Excitement waning
Layers discarded on the floor
A party game of life
Meet greet
Smile for a week
Desperate to tear through it in an instant
Maybe this time
But every time the same
Passed on to the next one
The music stops
We start again..
Pass the parcel


how to write a really bad lesbian poem

15 05 2008

don’t write it when you’re happy
write it when you’re sad
dip your pen in misery
to make it really bad

for full dramatic effect
write in lilac ink
purple prose and poetry
makes a delightful stink

you must use lots of cliches
you have to make it trite
if it starts looking original
dumb it down to get it right

don’t worry about rhythm
ignore the rules of rhyme
just ramble, be expressive
good writing is a crime

do the world a favour
show it to all your friends
it’s the gift that keeps on giving
lesbian poetry never ends